Imtenan sets the standard in the nutritional products industry by demanding truth in labeling, ingredient safety and product potency, all while remaining on the cutting-edge of nutritional science.

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Imtenan is a Cairo-based Egyptian Brand focused on the production and retail sale of nutritional and healthy products including natural foods, diet, energy, immunity and skin-care products, as well as nutritional supplements essential for various chronic medical conditions.

Imtenan started as a premium quality bee honey brand in 1982. The company is the 1st to introduce the Health Store Concept in Egypt, and the first Imtenan Health Shop was founded in 2005.

Imtenan has helped Egyptians pursue a healthy and active lifestyle since 2005 through a wide variety of products including Medicinal Herbs, Supplements, Health Foods and Honeybee products. The company manufactures more than 100 natural & organic products.

Now Imtenan has over 100 nutritional products available inside our specialized Health Food Stores and Corners available in 31 locations all over Egypt. There are also selected product ranges available in all major supermarkets and pharmacy chains.

Imtenan employs more than 600 people. Imtenan Corporate Headquarters is in Obour City, Egypt.


Imtenan's Store Locations

Branch Address Phone Mobile
Naser City 1 56 Mohamed Hassanieen Hykal Abas El Akkad +(202) 2275-1095 1200323118(20+)
Naser City 2 Shop number 1-6, 1st Of May Buldings, El-Nasr Road +(202) 2670-7463 1200594997(20+)
City Stars 1st Floor- City Stars Mall - Naser City --------------- +(20) 127-706-2286
Heliopolis 76 Othman Ibn Affan St. Heliopolis +(202) 2776-2057 1280066030(20+)
New Nozha 13 Mohamed Kamel Hussein St. +(202) 2622-6887 1200635083(20+)
Sheraton 5 El-Rashedy St. Next to Nozha International Hospital (202+)22660838 +(20) 120-063-5083
Royal House 6 Al Asri Mohammed Nafe, Behind Maryland Park, Roxy 22561268(202+) +(20) 120-056-3326
Mirghani 100 El Mirghani Street, Golf, Masr El Gdida +(202) 2290-8650 1200101157(20+)
Rehab City 27 El Souk El Togary +(202) 2692-3755 1272482333(20+)
Maadi 1 3 El Lasilki St. Al Maadi +(202) 2516-8948 1200469449(20+)
Maadi 2 75 Road 9، Al Maadi +(202) 2359-3645 1221186554(20+)
Carrefour Maadi In front of carrefour --------------- +(20) 127 885 4430
Mokatam 77 Road 9, El Mokatam +(202) 28476372 1200469958(20+)
Shobra 192 Shobra Street, Minyat as Sirji Station, Shobra +(202) 2203-2370 1222806007(20+)
Fifth Settlement Hala Mall - 90th road --------------- --+(20)1288104013-------------
Fifth Settlement Diar Mall, 90 St. --------------- +(20) 01288099807
Fifth Settlement HCC building. behind Air Force Hospital 90th street --------------- +(20) 01224786794
Cairo festival city mall in front of Carrefour --------------- +(20) 01204675924
El Haram 162 Intersection Of El Arish St. EL HARAM +(202) 3584-1409 1200469332(20+)
El Mohandsen 92 Ahmed Oraby Street +(202) 3302-3213 1200469336(20+)
Dokki 62 Msadak St. --------------- +(20) 01288104018
Al Manial 49 Al Manial Street, Al Manial +(202) 2364-0129 1200469959(20+)
6th Of October Zam Zam Mall, Tower #1 Ground Floor unit # 5 38374267(202+) +(20) 120-252-1427
Mall of Arabia Ground Floor, Gate 23 --------------- +(20) 120-061-4455
Zamalek 3 Brazil Street next to Gourmet 27372420(+202) +(20) 121-104-0166
Mall of Egypt Next to Carrefour level 1 +(20)1274811183 +(20)114-502-6538
Sheikh Zayed Kargo Mall +(20)1201541547 ---------------
Smouha 26 Mohamed Bahaa El Deen El Ghatory +(203) 4208-822 1277555248(20+)
Miami 270 Gamal Abd El Naser Street +(203) 5570-944 1276330043(20+)
San Stefano Ground floor - in front of Maghraby optics --------------- +(20) 0120-022-0480
Alexandria City Center In front of Carrefour Market +(20)01206770011
Moheb Street 23 Moheb St., Helw Street +(040)3314019 (20) 120-008-4580
Manfaz Square 2 Hassan Tower - Galaa Street - Manfaz Square +(088)2052898 1210262227(20+)
Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Store 5,Hamad Al-Jasser St, Al Rawddah District. ------------------- 00920007549
Jeddah Aziz Mall, infront of Panda market ------------------- 00920007549
Dubai Deira City Center - Unit number Ground floor - TW11 Dubai, United Arab Emirates +971 0588768021 -------------------
Europe (The Netherlands)
Imtenan Netherland. Imtenan for international trade and commerce B.V. no. 66603994 Prinses Margrietplantsoen 33, +31(0)702051718 -------------------

Imtenan's Specialized Health Food Stores

Imtenan Objective

Imtenan Health Shop is a Cairo based Egyptian Brand that aims to help you live a healthier life by providing a wide variety of natural products which cover all your health needs.

Imtenan is focusing on the retail sale of health and nutrition related products, including natural food, diet, energy, targeted natural remedies and skin-care products.

Now Imtenan has over 100 nutritional products available throughout our health food stores found in 25 locations all over Egypt.

We also support our service with the specialized nutritional advice through our nutrition specialists team based in our stores; to help you find out what suits your need.

Tasting Corner

You can try our products in our free tasting corner

Make your own product in the mixing corner

Choose your favorite Honey as a base for your mix.

Choose the natural supplements for your specific need.

Be a part of your product & our nutrition specialists will help you create your own mix.


We welcome all your suggestions, questions and requests. Please feel free to contact us using any of the methods below..

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Call: 16246


El Obour City 1st Industrial Area
Western Extension
Street 155 - Plot 20015
Phone: 02 44892604-7-9


El Obour City 1st Industrial Area
Western Extension
Street 155 - Plot 20015
Phone: 02 44892604-7-9


We are always in need for professional staff to join our team.
If you are interested, kindly send your CV to: [email protected]