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100% Natural

Chai Green Tea

Fat Burner & Energizer

Improves blood flow, aid metabolism of cholesterol and lipids
and improves physical energy levels.

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100% Natural Pure Honey

Clover Flowers Honey

Grade A Natural Honey

The best taste for honey bee with a nice & soft flavor.
100% Natural pure honey from clover flowers nectar.

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100% fibers

Super Fibers Psyllium Husk

Suppress appetite & Cleanse colon

Number 1 fibers supplement in the world, It absorbs water forming bulk in the stomach,
suppressing appetite, also useful for colon cleansing and removing excess fat from the
gastrointestinal tract.

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Jojoba Oil

Natural Conditioner For Sensitive Skin & Hair

Jojoba oil Rich in Collagen & Vitamin E, for skin & hair nourishment.
Helps in restoration of the natural texture, & nourishment
of hair follicles and protection from hair loss.

Virgin cold pressed 100% natural
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100% Vegetarian

Ginger Cookies

Rich In Fibers

Delicious crispy cookies made from whole grains (Barley & Wheat)
Rich in fibers and 100% vegetarian, with olive oil & raw brown sugar.

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Super food

Barley Bran Meal

High fiber meal replacement

High fiber barley meal replacement suppresses appetite and decreases fat
absorption which may help to lose weight and protect from heart diseases.


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