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Bee Immune

Rich in Antioxidants

Bee Propolis Extract in Bee Honey - 100% Natural

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Bee-Immune (Propolis Extract in 100% Natural Honey) from Imtenan. Helps improve your nutritional intake of essential nutrients. May support general health and the body’s immune system as it contains vitamins, minerals, flavonoids (potent antioxidants) and other trace elements.

Propolis is the miracle resinous substance used by bees to seal their hive to protect against bacteria, fungi and other pathogens, and hence, it possesses great antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.


Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Not intended for patients with a history of allergy or asthma.


This product is not intended to treat cure or prevent any disease and cannot replace the prescribed medicine. therefore we recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner prior to using any product that can affect health

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