100% Organic

Psyllium Husk

Dietary Supplement
95% Fiber

More About This Product..

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Psyllium Husk (100% Organic Plantago ovata Husk Fibers), the world’s best selling fiber supplement, from Imtenan. Helps relieve constipation and support your weight loss programs. It contains 95% fiber that absorbs water, swells and fills the stomach, giving a sense of fullness while slowing the digestive process.


Do not use in cases of gastrointestinal tract obstruction and poorly controlled diabetes.
May cause gastric disturbance due to its rich content of fiber. It should be taken 1/2 -1 hour after taking other medications.


This product is not intended to treat cure or prevent any disease and cannot replace the prescribed medicine. therefore we recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner prior to using any product that can affect health

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