100% Natural

Kashmir Mountain Sidr

One of the Top 10 Youth Preserving Foods Worldwide

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Pure Kashmir Mountain Sidr Honey (100% Natural) from Imtenan, made by bees that feed exclusively on the nectar of Sidr flowers in Kashmir Mountains, producing honey renowned for its high nutritional value. It contains in average 18-fold the antioxidant content of regular honey.

Did you know?! In ancient times, Mountain Honey used to be offered as a valuable gift for kings and leaders as a sign of gratitude and respect.


Not recommended as food for children less than 2 years old. For diabetics, do not exceed a daily dose of 20 g (3 teaspoons).

All types of Honey may crystallize after a certain period of time, but this does not alter the quality of the product in anyway. By applying gentle heat to honey, these crystals will dissolve.

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